Alu Touch Control

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With our Alu Touch Control device you are definitely up to date!

Thanks to its sensitive touch sensors, you can also operate the power supply with a protective film without polluting the high-quality display. Thus, the highest standard of hygiene is guaranteed and your Alu Touch Control power supply is best protected.
This power supply is safe and stable thanks to the integrated stand space.
Thanks to the display, you have perfect control over the settings during your tattoo session. These values ??can be changed quickly and easily. Just as you need them!

If the power adapter of your power supply should be broken, we have a replacement power adapter in our assortment, so that everything works smoothly and you can devote yourself to your tattoo art.

We want to show our tattooists only the best, which is why, after careful consideration, we chose this unique instrument.

The first-class power supply complies with the requirements of the CA, FCC and SAA and is intended exclusively for the inner area!