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Hygiene concept for professional tattoo artists - How to keep your studio clean

20. January 2021
A good tattoo artist should be well informed about hygiene and apply it consistently in practice. Here we explain what you have to consider.

The new Cheyenne Craft Cartridges - New design to an affordable price

20. January 2021
Those who have already worked with Cheyenne products know that Cheyenne represents high quality and innovation. Now, Cheyenne has released new needle modules.

Rotary and coil machines in comparison: Find a tattoo machine that is suitable for your needs!

20. January 2021
In the category of electric tattoo machines, we distinguish between two types: the coil and rotary machines. But where are the differences?

World Famous - Brighten up the world

12. January 2021
The World Famous Tattoo Colours are the ideal pigments for all colour artists out there. They will make your artworks shine and turn them into true masterpieces.

MAXX BLACK - The deepest black of all

12. January 2021
Based on intensive research, Eternal Ink has developed the Maxx Black tattoo ink, which is vigorous and luminous enough to outshine all other shades of black.

SMART Disinfection - Be one step ahead of the coronavirus

12. January 2021
Coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly around the world. In order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 it is of first priority that we adhere to the hygiene measures.

Tattoo studios in shutdown - Building a positive mindset

12. January 2021
Especially in times of Corona, it is more important than ever to pay attention to a positive mindset. We will show you ways to focus on positive thoughts.

A short guide for tattoo needles

12. January 2021
Meanwhile, there are a variety of tattoo needles of different types and sizes on the market. This needle guide will help you to find out which needle to choose.

Think Green - Protect our environment

12. January 2021
It becomes more and more important that we counteract climate change and take care of our environment.

Setting an example for your customers and guests

12. January 2021
Be one step ahead, especially in a situation like this. The Corona pandemic will accompany us for a while, so tentative creations should belong to the past.
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