Cheyenne Tattoo Power Unit III

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2022-01-07 16:30:00
Cheyenne Tattoo Power Unit III - Tattoo Power Unit III by Cheyenne


The German manufacturer Cheyenne has established itself in the industry in recent years with its first-class high-end tattoo
equipment and provides numerous tattoo artists with the optimal equipment with reliability and precision. One innovation
from Cheyenne is the tattoo power supply "Power Unit III".


What can the Power Unit III do?

The special feature of the Cheyenne PU III is its control unit concept, which is operated completely contact-free by gesture
control as soon as the machine is switched on. This practical function raises the tattoo power unit to a new maximum level
of hygiene and completely prevents cross- contamination, which is of course like music to every tattoo artist's ears. The
Power Unit III also ensures a firm hold on tabletops and metal surfaces thanks to its magnetic back and underside and the
attachable stand. In this way, the power unit is not only stable, but also very flexible in its positioning. Another advantage
are the integrated sensors that provide a correct display for orientation in any set-up situation. And the two USB outputs
make it possible, for example, to charge an additional device in addition to supplying the PU III.


Other features of the power supply unit

Here are all the other features of the power supply unit at a glance:

  • Made in Germany
  • Output voltage: 4.7 - 12.5 V bargraph display
  • 2 USB outputs for charging additional devices
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Dimensions: 87 mm x 76 mm x 28 mm#
  • Continuous operation
  • With adapter compatible with machines of other manufacturers (adapter not included)

Why should you not hesitate when buying this power unit?

The Cheyenne Power Unit III is the result of a design study and is therefore only available in a limited edition. The offer is
limited to 1111 pieces in total.

Convinced? Click here for the Cheyenne PU III.