The name "Cheyenne" probably will not pass anyone moving in the tattoo business. But what or who is Cheyenne?
Cheyenne is a tattoo equipment manufacturer that has been developing and producing world famous tattoo accessories in Germany since 2006.
All Cheyenne products are made in Germany so you can be sure that the highest standards in terms of product quality have been met.
The market leader for innovative high-end tattoo equipment now supplies over 63 countries worldwide with their unique tattoo equipment.

With reliable Rotary Tattoo Machines, high-quality tattoo power supplies, sterile needle cartridges, ergonomic grips and practical tattoo accessories, Cheyenne covers a wide range of different tattoo equipment.

It is very important to Cheyenne to be in constant contact with tattoo artists from all over the world, with whose impressions they can continuously improve and perfect their products.

Since hygiene and safety are so important in hardly any craft profession like that of the tattoo artist, this of course is at the forefront of Cheyenne. The origins of Cheyenne lie in medical technology, in which they have acquired the appropriate know-how.

The focus of Cheyenne is to present equipment to the tattoo artist that minimizes his workload. The tattoo artist should concentrate completely on his tattoo art thanks to the Cheyenne products.

Cheyenne stands for innovation, quality and safety!

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