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EGO - Ergonomic Grips

12.01.2022 13:14


Every tattoo artist probably knows the following scenario: a long tattoo session is about to start and in the middle of the
work you feel a slight cramp in your wrist. Because such cramps and physically stressful movements can develop into joint
problems in the long run, the British manufacturer EGO focuses on tattoo accessories that put as little strain as possible on
the tattoo artist's health.


EGO grips - what do they look like?

EGO's disposable grips all have an ergonomic shape that gently supports the grip of the hand. They are made of a silicone-
like material and are also very elastic, which makes them even more comfortable to use during the tattoo session. And the
low weight also ensures comfortable tattooing. The EGO shape is a so-called Biohawk or Hawkflow grip.


What are the different variants?

The grips are available in two different versions:



Disposable tubes for needle modules

  • The disposable tubes for needle modules are suitable for using Cheyenne cartridges with standard tattoo machines.
  • The material of the tip and the end tube is high-quality ABS plastic, which is absolutely robust.
  • Due to their nature, the grips are ideal for use with rotary machines because their motors are powerful enough to
    guide the needle modules.


Disposable covers for Cheyenne handles

  • These disposable covers fit over Cheyenne Hawk machines to provide extreme comfort during tattooing.
  • A little Vaseline can be applied to the inside of the grip cover to make it easier to slide over.

Curious? Click here for the EGO grips.

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