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We care about what we sell to you!

It is our highest goal to offer you a gigantic range of various tattoo inks made by top level manufacturers. We only carry tattoo ink products which we fully support.

Since transparency is very important with this topic you can see here certificates for all tattoo inks we offer.

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You will find various documents regarding our tattoo inks like: declarations of conformity (ink certificates), heavy metal data sheets and safety data sheets (SDS). 

Declarations of conformity are important for tattoo clients which get tattooed themselves. These documents show that the inks have been produced according to the TVO (German tattoo ink law). To create a better feeling for your clients you can provide these documents to them.

Heave metal data sheets are important for the artist. With these laboratory-detected heavy metals (e.g. nickel) and others can be shown. According to these documents you can help to provide solutions to clients which suffer from allergic reactions to tattoo ink or prevent them from getting such a reaction.

Safety data sheets (SDS) are important for importers, distributors and forwarding companies in case of accidents, cases of fire and similar. These documents show which safety measures have to be taken in worst case scenarios.

Schwermetall-Datenblätter sind hauptsächlich für dich als Tätowierer wichtig. Darin werden die im Labor ermittelten Schwermetalle (zum Beispiel Nickel) und deren jeweiligen Anteil ausgewiesen.
Anhand dieser kannst du bei eventuellen Allergien seitens der Kunden die entsprechenden Tattoo Farben meiden, auf andere Farben ausweichen und somit eine allergische Reaktion verhindern.

Eternal Ink:
Declarations of conformity
- Heavy metal data sheets
Safety data sheets (SDS)

Carbon Black:
- Declarations of conformity
- Safety Data Sheets (kurz SDS)

- Declaration of conformity
- Heavy metal data sheets

Intenze Ink:
- Declaration of conformity
- Heavy metal data sheets
Safety data sheets (SDS)

Declaration of conformity 
Heavy metal data sheets

Declaration of conformity
Heavy metal data sheets

Declaration of conformity

World Famous Ink:
- Declaration of conformity
Heavy metal data sheets
Safety data sheets (SDS)

- Heavy metal data sheets

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