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Fusion Tattoo Ink

 Adam Everett is the name behind the...

Fusion Tattoo Ink

Adam Everett is the name behind the popular colour creation Fusion Ink. He has managed to produce inks that are considered to be the highest quality and most sophisticated products on the market today.
Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Fusion inks! Here you can find all color palettes from melon red, fuchsia and rabbit ultrasound brown to sky blue and grass green. The wide selection of different shades per colour tone leaves nothing to be desired! With the Basic Colours you will always find the right colour!

For extra light to extra dark grey shades, just look around the Opaque Set, there is plenty of choice!
For optimal transitions between black and grey tattoos, our Grey Wash Set provides the perfect colours, which complement each other perfectly and are an absolute must have for every tattoo artist. They are of course also suitable for shading or realistic work.

Create incomparable tattoos with rich colors and an absolutely amazing result! These colors bring you in the truest sense of the word an enlightenment! With the tattoo colors of Fusion you do nothing wrong!

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