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MAXX BLACK - The deepest black of all

01.12.2020 18:00

If you think there is only one shade of black, you are not quite right in your assumption. Black may be the darkest
of all colours, but still there are different nuances. Black is a colour that has more facets than it seems at first
glance. However, it is not always that easy to choose the ideal black tone as a tattoo colour.


Probably the darkest tattoo colour on the market!

There are some tattoo colours that do not fulfil what they promise. You will always meet people whose black tattoo
appears bluish or even greenish. The tattoo ages with the skin, but the colour of a freshly inked tattoo should not
fade immediately. Of course, it can also happen that the tattoo artist has not tattooed deep enough and therefore
the colour gradually disappears. Although, it is often the fact that the tattoo ink has a lack of quality and does not
cover sufficiently. Are you tired of searching for the perfect black tattoo ink, hoping that this time you will not be
disappointed by the result? If so, we can confidently tell you that your search has come to an end! Based on
intensive research, Eternal Ink has developed the Maxx Black tattoo ink, which is vigorous and luminous enough to
outshine all other shades of black. Maxx Black is not only deep black during the tattoo session, but maintains a rich
tone without fading even after healing. This is the ideal black pigment for lining, shading and all types of black work.

                                                                              “Made for artists by artists.“
                                                                                           -Eternal Ink-


Eternal Ink knows exactly what professional tattoo artists are looking for in tattoo colours and thus they produce
unique high quality colours that are simply fun to tattoo with!


What distinguishes Maxx Black from conventional black tattoo pigments?

Maxx Black does honour to its name. A true black that

  • can be easily worked into the skin.
  • is opaque and has no colour shifts or undertones.
  • remains intensely black after the healing process.
  • is also ideal for dark skin.
  • is extremely radiant.
  • is without preservatives.
  • has been tested for heavy metals.
  • does not contain CMR substances.
  • is Gamma Ray sterilized.
  • is vegan.

Discover a tattoo colour as dark as the night!

Curious? Just take a look here.

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