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  Musotoku Power Supply - The Inked...


Musotoku Power Supply - The Inked Army Edition

If you are looking to infuse constant and powerful voltage into your tattoo machines you are just right with picking the Musotoku power supplies.
The average amperage of 5A and the top-amp-output of 10A gives you the opportunity to work on the most professional level possible.
Crisp flow of amps with no ups and downs!

Only here you can get the Musotoku power units in the limited The Inked Army edition in the neat camo look.

The Musotoku power supply works with any rotary and coil-machine.
No start-up cable is required for the Cheyenne machines due to the nitro-pulse-mode.
Thanks to the high current of Musotoku (5A), adjusting and tuning gets way easier since you will experience every change of setting immediately.
Furthermore tattoo machines get less hot even after long-term use.

The small and lightweight design makes power unit perfect for conventions too.

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