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Du hast Fragen bezüglich bestimmter Produkte, möchtest dich informieren welche betriebswirtschaftlichen Aspekte die Performance deines Studios steigern können, oder willst dich einfach über Allgemeines in der Tattoo- und Percingbranche informieren?

Dann stell uns hier deine Frage und wir versuchen sie in einem unserer nächsten Beiträge zu beantworten:

15. September 2021

Tattoo REACH - Important changes coming January 4th 2022

Important information for all tattoo artists and the use of tattoo inks after 4th January 2022.
15. February 2021

Opening a tattoo studio - The basic requirements for the start of self-employment

To open a tattoo studio, you need the right preparation. We have put together a little guide for you.
21. September 2021

Tattooing abroad - The advantages of a guest spot

Working in a foreign country, far away from home has many advantages. We explain why you should work as a guest tattoo artist.
21. September 2021

SOL NOVA UNLIMITED 4.0 - With even more power!

Cheyenne has launched a new version of the SOL Nova Unlimited, the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 4.0. But what is the difference between this version and its predecessor?
21. September 2021

First tattoo - How to take away the fear of your customers

Your customers might be afraid of the tattoo needle and potential pain. We show you how to reassure your customers before they get their first tattoo.
21. September 2021

Da Vinci Cartridges - The ideal shaped needles

May we introduce you to the first-class tattoo needle modules from Bishop? These needles are not only based on years of experience, but also on passion!
21. September 2021

Hygiene concept for professional tattoo artists - How to keep your studio clean

A good tattoo artist should be well informed about hygiene and apply it consistently in practice. Here we explain what you have to consider.
21. September 2021

The new Cheyenne Craft Cartridges - New design to an affordable price

Those who have already worked with Cheyenne products know that Cheyenne represents high quality and innovation. Now, Cheyenne has released new needle modules.
15. February 2021

Rotary and coil machines in comparison: Find a tattoo machine that is suitable for your needs!

In the category of electric tattoo machines, we distinguish between two types: the coil and rotary machines. But where are the differences?
21. September 2021

World Famous - Brighten up the world

The World Famous Tattoo Colours are the ideal pigments for all colour artists out there. They will make your artworks shine and turn them into true masterpieces.
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