These beautiful tattoo colors have more to offer than just rich color results! Do you also use vegan tattoo in your tattoo studio vegan tattoo colors that are animal-free? If you do not use these eco-friendly tattoo in your tattoo studio yet, it's time to do so now!
Because you can do more than just tattoo! You help save the world just by buying this product. Environmental protection can be so easy!

In 2018, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Quantum Tattoo Ink and TattooLand released the Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Set. By purchasing this set, you not only use vegan tattoo paint, but also assist the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in its ongoing efforts to protect our oceans. In addition to the Gray Wash Set, 2 further fabsets have been developed. The Whale Set and the Shark Set.
Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has been using innovative direct measures to defend, preserve and protect the balanced biodiversity of our seas and enforce international conservation laws.
Every year, Sea Shepherd stops the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of sharks and whales by deploying experienced marine conservation officers and Coast Guard police officers. With the purchase of this Gray Wash Set, you support Sea Shepherd by keeping their ships at sea to patrol and stop poachers who target dolphins, whales, seals, penguins and all other animals. In doing so, they protect these animals from the destruction of habitats, exploitative captivity and unsustainable fishing. This is a very dangerous procedure because poachers sometimes have no limits.
Sea Shepherd Tattoo is a creative method to raise awareness of the world's marine problems, and an artistic method to facilitate conservation of Sea Shepherd campaigns.

Sea Shepherd Amsterdam even opened a Sea Shepherd tattoo shop this year, where all the profits of the guest tattoo artists who are allowed to tattoo there for a day flow into the protection of the oceans of the planet so that our children can discover the beauty of the oceans.

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