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 The Tattoo Butter Redemption from...


The Tattoo Butter Redemption from Tattoo Stuff is the first and only USDA Certified Petroleum Free Replacement that was developed for tattoo artists. This optimized tattoo butter by Tattoo Stuff, the developers of the well-known and proven Stencil Stuff, is ideal for treating the skin before, after and during tattooing.

Hard to believe that this tattoo butter was made without kerosene, but we give you our word! Heat is trapped when using kerosene, which contributes to a worsening of healing. But we want the tattoos of your customers to heal as best as possible, so the Redemption Tattoo Butter is made without petroleum and other chemicals and is therefore 100% natural.

The Redemption Tattoo Butter is available in a variety of sizes, so as a tattoo artist, you can use them in a large tin box while tattooing, or as a small jar, give your customer an aftercare for their fresh tattoo.

A little tip: As a business customer, you can buy this product at a discounted scale prices!

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