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SMART Disinfection - Be one step ahead of the coronavirus

16.11.2020 18:00


Coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly around the world. In order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 it is of
first priority that we adhere to the hygiene measures and maintain a hygienic safe environment in the facilities. To
ensure this, the Austrian manufacturer SMART Hygiene has developed the process of bio-disinfection. The so-called
dry nebulization offers a simple usage and fulfils all necessary hygienic standards.


How exactly does this disinfection process work?

Water and salt are converted by electrolysis and finely atomized using a patented membrane system. The resulting
dry fog penetrates into the smallest corners with the help of a 360 degree nebulization and disinfects the room air
and all objects that are in it. Therefore, the fog not only looks spectacular, but also impresses with its function. An
integrated sensor ensures optimal humidity and automatically switches off the disinfection. Due to a timer
function, you can adjust the switch-off individually to your needs. The SMART disinfection is suitable for preventive
disinfection of rooms in tattoo and cosmetic studios, medical practices, restaurants, hotels, retirement homes and
many other public facilities. The bio-disinfection destroys 99.99% of all viruses and thus it is a proven assistant in
the fight against COVID-19.



What are the advantages compared to conventional disinfectants?

Not all disinfectants have a virucidal effect which eliminates viruses. SMART Hygiene's bio-disinfectant is virucidal
as well as bactericidal, levurocidal and fungicidal. This means that you can use this product against viruses,
bacteria, yeasts fungus and molds. Therefore, this disinfection process covers a wide range of possible scopes.
Likewise, the disinfecting salt is alcohol-free and no additional safety precautions are needed. The innovative
method of dry nebulization ensures considerable time savings compared to other disinfection methods, as the fog
and the associated disinfection salt are distributed in the room completely automatically and you do not have to
disinfect all objects and furniture surfaces individually.


Is the fog harmful to health?

No, it is not. The manufacturer makes sure that the legal limits, also known as MAK values (Maximum Allowable
Concentration values), are not exceeded. This ensures that the concentration of harmful substances does not
pollute the air we breathe.



SMART disinfection is available in four different sizes. Depending on the size of the room, a SMART disinfector with
a larger or smaller tank capacity is the optimal choice. In addition, when you purchase a SMART disinfector, you
will also receive advertising material (stand, poster and window seal). In this way you show your customers that
you care about their well-being and they are well informed.

Here you will get to know our different models.

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