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Tattoo REACH - Important changes coming January 4th 2022

14.09.2021 15:14


Important info for all tattoo artists and tattoo studio owners!

As you all have already noticed, this year we are in the transition phase of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/2021, also called: Tattoo-REACH, which will come into full force next year 2022 on 04 January. This new law, which aims to regulate tattooing products throughout Europe and create a uniform standard across the EU, also limits, among other things, the use of certain ingredients, including some pigments and preservatives that were previously allowed to be used in the production of tattoo inks.

In the future, some of them may only be present in tattooing products in very small quantities. Maximum limits in the range of 0.02% and below therefore effectively prohibit the use of these substances. Prominent examples are blue 15 and green 7, for these pigments even ambitious petitions were started to fight for their preservation in tattoo inks. These petitions are still running, by the way. For the pigments Blue 15 and Green 7, however, there is a transition period until 2023. (At this point we also want to call on everyone again to support the petition "Save the Pigments". For more information just click here!)

However, other pigments and also preservatives are also affected by this circumstance, some of which are found in the tattoo ink brands we carry. For various reasons, the manufacturers of these brands have not yet succeeded in replacing the ingredients that will soon no longer be permitted with others, in order to guarantee a consistent quality of the affected shades. After several consultations and the current situation, we must therefore inform you that a large part of the currently offered tattoo colors in our range may no longer be sold, purchased, stored and used from 04 January 2022.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received insufficient information from our suppliers as to when alternatives can be expected. In the near future, we have marked all stored and offered tattoo inks in our online store with a note in the article description, which refers to this matter again and gives you an overview of which tattoo colors are affected and which are not. A list of substances with specific concentration values can also be found here from page 9, Annex 13! We understand the uncertainty that exists on your side since the beginning of the year with the publication of the REACH law and now even further.

We have been trying to use our influence for you for years and are trying to find a timely solution to this industry-wide problem together with tattoo ink manufacturers and all stakeholders.

If you have any current questions about this issue, please email us at shop@body-cult.com. We will of course try to help you as much as we can. And as soon as we have news about this topic, we will inform you immediately.

Get well through this probably rather colorless time! We hope that we can all soon again enjoy the full color spectrum of all tattoo colors.

Your Body Cult Team

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