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Tattooing abroad - The advantages of a guest spot

22.03.2021 18:00


The original variant of tattoo tourism began hundreds of years ago. At that time, sailors got tattooed by locals during their
voyage. Even today, it is still common to create a permanent souvenir of one’s journey. The tattoo acts as a kind of memorial
under the skin. In this case, the customer comes to the artist. Not everyone can afford a trip to their desired tattoo artist or
they have a lack of time. Because such a trip is not only combined with costs, but also with time. Therefore, many tattoo
artists in the course of their career decide on so-called guest spots. The tattoo artist works for a limited time in a faraway
city or abroad.


What are the advantages for guest tattoo artists?

Working in a foreign country, far from home, expands the customer base and the tattoo artist has the opportunity to be
known internationally. In addition, business trips provide a change of routine in everyday working life. For some tattoo
artists, the change of scenery is really good. As a guest tattoo artist you can exchange with other artists and educate your-
self enormously. You get a direct insight into how tattooing is done elsewhere and learn the differences between the various
countries. Perhaps in foreign countries other styles are in demand and other practices are used. Definitely you can expand
your knowledge as a guest tattoo artist.



Where can I get such a guest spot?

In general, you can get a guest spot at tattoo conventions or in a tattoo studio. Anyone planning a stay in a foreign tattoo
studio has to invest a lot of time in organization and customer acquisition. This allows tattoo artists to plan better and assess
whether a trip to the particular location is worthwhile. A popular tool to find this out is for example Instagram or the New York
start-up Coal. Social networks are used to build up a coverage. Such platforms help tattoo artists to present their works and
interact with their potential clients.


What do you need for your stay?

Good preparation is half the battle. You should not assume that the tattoo studio where you want to work at will offer you a
complete set of tattoo equipment. Thus, it would be advisable to clarify beforehand what will be provided to you and what
you need to bring by yourself. Besides the tattoo equipment, you should figure out if you need a working permission to tattoo.
Within Europe, this may be different to America or Asia. As well, be informed about the existing laws. Because what is allowed
in Germany, does not apply to other countries. In Great Britain, for example, you are not allowed to tattoo anyone under the
age of 18. On the other hand, in Germany you can obtain a declaration of consent of your legal guardians. Some countries
might even require a visa. Without it, you will not be allowed to enter the country. A temporary job abroad as a tattoo artist
is definitely associated with a lot of planning. There is no other way around it.



On what should you pay attention to as a guest tattoo artist?

Other countries, other traditions. Tattoos are enjoying more and more popularity in our country and a general interest in body
art is on the rise. However, there are still countries where tattoos are not tolerated. In some countries, tattooing is even illegal.
Therefore, you should inform yourselves in advance about the country, its culture and its customs.

For sure, tattooing abroad brings a few obstacles at the beginning. But once you overcome all the hurdles, you probably don't
want to do anything else.

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