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Body Cult goes Green - for more sustainability in our daily work routine


The topic of sustainability is very close to our hearts at Body Cult Tattoo Supplies. Even small changes in our every-
day work can make a big difference. That's why we are trying together to turn our current strategies around and
think "greener" according to this motto:


1. Reuse of Packaging Materials


Online orders generate a lot of waste when goods are shipped because each package must be adequately protected
or, in some cases, shatterproof. Since most boxes, foils and padding are usually thrown away after unpacking and
have no added value, we at Body Cult have thought of saving these materials by simply reusing them! So it can happen
that you will receive your next order in a used cardboard box. We also reuse insulation material such as polystyrene
chips or bubble wrap after use. With this conscious step we try to avoid unnecessary new production. Help us to reuse
your packaging material or recycle it professionally.


2. Digital Invoice Dispatch


We also take advantage of the digital age and send you your invoice conveniently by email with your next order,
so you can access it again anytime, anywhere. This method will especially please those who appreciate the valuable
paper production and are concerned about its high consumption. And with invoices that can be retrieved online,
it also puts an end to the eternal paper chaos that threatens to accumulate at home over time. But because the
wishes of our customers come first, you can also request your invoice on paper. If you have any questions about
your order, you can reach us by phone or e-mail from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.


3. Climate Neutral Shipping


In addition to the digital invoice shipping, our goods are shipped at climate-neutral conditions. Since climate protec-
tion is an important issue for us, we have chosen the shipping partner GLS. Already since October 2019, GLS offers
a 100% climate neutral shipping, regardless of whether the transport destination is within Germany or abroad. In
order to guarantee delivery under CO2 neutral conditions, GLS proceeds as follows for longer transport routes: The
goods are first transported by ship or train. Afterwards, it is transported to its destination within the cities by electric
cargo bikes or electric vehicles. GLS has been running climate protection projects for several years in order to relieve
the infrastructures of cities and reduce emissions.

More details and shipping conditions


4. Distribution of Eco-Articles


Being more conscious does not only refer to the shipping of goods, but also directly to our articles themselves. In
the tattoo industry, more and more tattoo artists, as well as their customers attach much importance to the com-
ponents of a product. We mainly offer a wide range of vegan tattoo ink brands, such as Eternal Ink, Fusion Ink, World
, Intenze Ink, I Am Ink, Carbon Black or Silverblack Ink. Another eco product from our own brand "The Inked
Army" are the Paper Ink Caps. Since ink caps are mostly made of plastic, we came up with a more eco-friendly solution:
Our Paper Ink Caps are made of paper pulp, which are waterproof when used and biodegradable after use. Another
speciality is our new eco-product range "PLA-Tattoo" by "The Inked Army", which is used for waterproof protection of
tattoo accessories. In the range are Clip Cord Sleeves, Wash Bottle Bags and Machine Covers. The sleeves are all com-
posed of a formula made from grain, making the products biodegradable. After use, the item dissolves, within a few
weeks, into carbon dioxide and water. The packaging is also made of completely recyclable paper.


5. Life Cycle of our Products


In addition to the use of ecological materials, we pay attention to high quality in the production of our items. The
production of our tattoo accessories products is designed for the long term. What this means exactly, we explain
with the example of the bestselling products "Green Agent" from The Inked Army. The tattoo care items were
developed with a sustainable design. In addition to the stability of the plastic bottles, the series products, such as
Green Agent Ready-to-Use or the Foamer, have high-quality black spray heads. The advantage of the robust design
is the reusability of the bottles. They have a long service life and can be refilled again and again after the contents of
the bottle have been used up.


6. Limitation to the Essentials


We are working to integrate a sustainable system, around our products. Nevertheless, we focus on the essentials.
In addition to sustainable measures, such as the reuse of packaging materials or the production of eco-products,
we think one step further. Before we even integrate a product into our store, we first check its availability on the
market. This means that if there are already many suppliers in a category that sell a certain eco-item, then the
market seems to be covered. In this case, we will probably refuse production, because it does not seem necessary
for us to produce more. Besides these considerations, we also give our customers the opportunity to decide for
themselves whether they want to switch to alternatives. One example is the blood stopper "Lock Down", which is
sold both as a film and as a liquid.


As you can see, we have already taken the first steps towards a sustainable and conscious workday. However, we are
still working tirelessly to incorporate even more ecological measures into our work processes and to offer environmentally
friendly products in our tattoo accessories store. We also keep you up to date on product news in our blog.

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