Machines & Grip bag

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Hygiene is - as you already know - a very important topic in every tattoo studio. You work with different clients, tattoo accessories are contaminated with blood, other body fluids and tattoo ink and the transmission risk of pathogens and viruses is very high if the workplace is not kept absolutely hygienic.
A great help here are machines and grip protective covers.

Because you touch the fresh tattoo again and again, your gloves come in contact with contaminated areas again and again. In order to protect your tattoo machine in the best possible way, tattoo protective bags are ideal to prevent cross-contamination. Thanks to these protective covers, you can hold your tattoo machine (or your tattoo grip) in your hand without the risk of it becoming dirty or contaminated.

Thanks to these little helpers, many customers in a row are no longer a problem at short intervals - remove the machine protection bag, clean your other accessories and you're ready to go!