Since 04.01.2023, the second part of the European REACH law has come into force and on this page we will tell you how this affects the range of tattoo inks in our online store.

In general, tattooing products that contain the pigments Blue 15:3 and Green 7 may no longer be "used". This includes all trade, storage and use of these products. This is an extension to other ingredients that have already been banned from tattoo inks since January 2022, we have informed via newsletter, social media and invoice notes. Away from our duty of care to follow the legal guidelines, consumers of tattoo inks are responsible themselves NOT to use non-compliant products. To make it short: each tattoo artist is responsible for disposing of and discontinuing the use of products that do not comply with national and EU guidelines.

All current tattoo ink products in our range are REACH compliant according to the manufacturer.
Certificates and declarations of conformity can be found on our Ink Certificates page.

You can further assume that we will pass on positive news about possible conformities of tattoo inks and will have products back in stock only if in our estimation, these inks comply with REACH requirements.

In this context, we also recommend you to carefully check and critically question, if you can buy tattoo inks that are supposedly compatible with the REACH law, whether they actually comply with the new legal guidelines. As a rule, current test reports are provided for this purpose, which can at least be assigned to the purchased inks according to the production period.  For all inks that should comply with the REACH directive in the future, you can view the corresponding certificates here.

As for the availability of products from various manufacturers of tattoo inks that comply with the new regulations, we will inform you as soon as we have information that we can consider reliable after a review.

Important: We pass on the information of the manufacturers 1 to 1 to you. Please note that in some cases the given delivery dates cannot always be met 100% by the manufacturers. Unfortunately, we have no influence to accelerate the processes in any way.