Ergonomic, ecological, practical - with The Inked Army Cork Barrels you do all the right things.



Give your tattoo work the lighting it needs for a proper photo with SNIPER.



Another win for FK Irons. With the Flux Max the premium manufacturer scored their next hit.


META 2.0

Well-known and awarded for their design Meta is back with the 2.0 version of their popular work station.



With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of the largest suppliers of tattoo equipment in Europe. Find everything from high quality tattoo ink, innovative tattoo machines to tattoo needle cartridges and much more.
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Take the chance and join the first Cheyenne Meet Up Seminar at Body Cult Tattoo Supplies. Learn all about the products of the pioneer of needle modules, test them yourself on site and ask your questions. And there will be a goodie package on top.



In our portfolio you can always find the absolute novelties of the tattoo industry. But also special offers, as well as exclusive tattoo accessories from well-known manufacturers is always in stock.
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You are a tattoo artist from the south of Germany or just passing through? Then stop by our Body Cult Street Shop! In 89312 Günzburg, Wilhelm-Maybach-Str. 1 Directly on the A 8 (next to LEGO-Land) between Stuttgart and Munich. We are constantly expanding our product range of various tattoo accessories to offer you the widest possible selection of materials and equipment for your tattoo studio. On request, you will also receive samples to test our newly introduced tattoo products. Translated with (free version)

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In addition to our numerous products, we also offer you individual advice from our experienced experts on all topics of any tattoo fields, whether you are looking for spare parts for your tattoo machine, the right tattoo butter or tips and tricks for cleaning tattoo accessories.

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Find here everything there is to know about tattooing. By interesting posts we explain products, give you tips for everyday life as a tattoo artist and inform you about everything else that is going on in the industry.

Father Frost, tattoo inks and pick-up stations

Father Frost, tattoo inks and pick-up stations

The dark, cold season has been present for a few weeks now, and the increased use of packing stations naturally raises a particular question for ...

Vertix Tattoo Cartridges

Find the ideal balance with the VERTIX TATTOO ...

The Vertix Tattoo Cartridges from Darklab allow you to tattoo comfortably. They are available in different configurations.

Vertix Tattoo Needles


The Vertix Tattoo Cartridges from Darklab allow you to tattoo comfortably. They are available in different versions.

Comfortable tattooing with the ergonomic EGO grip

EGO - Ergonomic Grips

Cramps in the wrist during a tattoo session? The EGO Grips gently support the grip of the hand and reduce stressful movements.

Tattoo Power Unit III by Cheyenne

Cheyenne Tattoo Power Unit III

An innovation of the German manufacturer Cheyenne is the Tattoo Power Unit III, which can be operated by gesture control.

Tattoo REACH - Important changes coming January 4th 2022

Tattoo REACH - Important changes coming ...

Important information for all tattoo artists and the use of tattoo inks after 4th January 2022.

Guide to open a tattoo studio

Opening a tattoo studio - The basic ...

To open a tattoo studio, you need the right preparation. We have put together a little guide for you.

Guestspots - Why tattooing abroad?

Tattooing abroad - The advantages of a guest spot

Working in a foreign country, far away from home has many advantages. We explain why you should work as a guest tattoo artist.

What do you prefer? - Analog drawing or digital drawing

Designing tattoo motifs - Analog drawing vs. ...

There are two different types of tattoo designs to draw. Digital or analog drawing. But what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 4.0 - Endless power!

SOL NOVA UNLIMITED 4.0 - With even more power!

Cheyenne has launched a new version of the SOL Nova Unlimited, the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 4.0. But what is the difference between this ...

First Tattoo - The best tips to calm down

First tattoo - How to take away the fear of ...

Your customers might be afraid of the tattoo needle and potential pain. We show you how to reassure your customers before they get their first tattoo.

Da Vinci Cartridges - High quality needles by Bishop

Da Vinci Cartridges - The ideal shaped needles

May we introduce you to the first-class tattoo needle modules from Bishop? These needles are not only based on years of experience, but also on ...

Hygienic concept for tattoo studios

Hygiene concept for professional tattoo ...

A good tattoo artist should be well informed about hygiene and apply it consistently in practice. Here we explain what you have to consider.

Craft Cartridges - Cheyenne's new modell of tattoo needles

The new Cheyenne Craft Cartridges - New design ...

Those who have already worked with Cheyenne products know that Cheyenne represents high quality and innovation. Now, Cheyenne has released new ...

Rotary machine vs. coil machine

Rotary and coil machines in comparison: Find a ...

In the category of electric tattoo machines, we distinguish between two types: the coil and rotary machines. But where are the differences?

World Famous - Tattoo ink sets of the best artists

World Famous - Brighten up the world

The World Famous Tattoo Colours are the ideal pigments for all colour artists out there. They will make your artworks shine and turn them into ...

Maxx Black - The darkest black of Eternal Ink

MAXX BLACK - The deepest black of all

Based on intensive research, Eternal Ink has developed the Maxx Black tattoo ink, which is vigorous and luminous enough to outshine all other ...

Bio-desinfection against Covid-19

SMART Disinfection - Be one step ahead of the ...

Coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly around the world. In order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 it is of first priority that we adhere ...

Shutdown of the tattoo studios - How to deal with this situation?

Tattoo studios in shutdown - Building a ...

Especially in times of Corona, it is more important than ever to pay attention to a positive mindset. We will show you ways to focus on positive ...

Tattoo needle guide

A short guide for tattoo needles

Meanwhile, there are a variety of tattoo needles of different types and sizes on the market. This needle guide will help you to find out which ...

GLS - Climate neutral shipping

Think Green - Protect our environment

It becomes more and more important that we counteract climate change and take care of our environment.

Conprota - Hygiene to the max

Setting an example for your customers and guests

Be one step ahead, especially in a situation like this. The Corona pandemic will accompany us for a while, so tentative creations should belong to ...

Vaseline vs. Aftercare - The differences between these two

Vaseline and Aftercare in comparison - What ...

Vaseline and Aftercare are not equally useful for all areas. What if there is a magic formula that combines both characteristics?

The best tips and tricks during the corona pandemic

Surviving the Corona crisis - These tips & ...

The walls are getting closer and you don't know what to do during the Corona Lockdown? Here are a few tips on how to pass the time.

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