Various Equipment

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Here you will find everything you need for the tattooing everyday life.

Even as a newcomer in the tattoo industry you will find something for you. We offer artificial skin, silicone hands and feet and various objects, such as cats, dogs and skulls, to get your first experiences with tattooing and to get a feel for your Tattoo Machine .

Even as an advanced tattoo artist, these artificial skins and silicone items are perfect to show off your tattoo artwork in a sophisticated and professional way in your tattoo studio.

Also our The Inked Army deposit block is represented here. Usable for down payments in the field of tattoo and piercing, it stands out from the conventional with its elegant design. Here, you can give your clients a professional copy of their down payment so that they are perfectly prepared for their new tattoo.

Order must prevail, of course and therefore we have put together a large selection of color bottle holders, plexiglass stands and tilting boxes for your tattoo studio.

The machine case provides the best possible space for your machines, so your favorite things will be spared from scratches and liquids. A must-have for every tattoo artist.