Ink Mixer

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In order to add depth to colors, we have listed a few ways you can make your personal favorite colors meaningful and hygienic!

Tattoo inks are very highly concentrated in their original form.
To dilute your tattoo colors, we would like to introduce you to our Ink Mix; a liquid that dilutes the colors without compromising quality!

 "Shaken, not stirred?" So that your colors are uniformly mixed without you getting ached from shaking, we present our tattooists with two efficient varieties of shakers that give you the advantage of saving time and energy!

We would like to introduce the Vortex Mixer BV1000 by Benchmark. This ink chiller can be operated by touch or in continuous mode. Thanks to the suction feet, slippage of this Tattoo Ink Shaker is prevented even after prolonged use.

Slightly smaller but still very effective is the Tattoo Ink Shaker from Vornado. Even tattoo inks with a high white content, which other machines struggle with, are released after a few seconds of shaking, so that a few gentle shaking motions with the hand mix the pigments perfectly.

If you prefer to take things into your own hands, we have two variations of Ink Mixers that are characterized by their ease of use and clean work. They are shipped with two different length stainless steel blender sticks and batteries. A must have for every tattoo artist!