The Inked Army

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To optimally protect your freshly tattoo, our breathable tattoo film is perfect. The tattoo film from "The Inked Army" provides a waterproof and antibacterial barrier that protects the freshly tattooed skin against pathogens and pollution.

Also for the days after, "The Inked Army" now has a new, ultimate innovation: Vaseline After Care, which has been added to various extracts of various medicinal plants.

Unlike traditional vaselines with fragrance, this vaseline not only smells good, but has a tremendous, medically proven potency.
The Vaseline of "The Inked Army" can thus also be used as an aftercare after tattooing.

You can choose between three different variants of this particular Vaseline:

Vaselinum calendula
Vaselinum Calendula contains extracts of marigold. The marigold is considered the undisputed leader in fast wound healing. Because of its anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties, it has been used to treat wounds for hundreds of years. Anyone who has this adorable flower at home in their garden also knows that their smell is pleasantly lovely.
So what can be better for a fresh tattoo?

Vaselinum aloe
The active ingredients of the aloe vera plant should now be reasonably public. The gel-like substance extracted from their leaves is found in all skincare creams. The gel is mainly used for inflammation and the treatment of wounds. Since Aloe Vera is very skin-friendly and has few side effects, the active ingredients of this plant are also ideal to protect the fresh tattoo and care.
Because Aloe Vera has been shown to visibly accelerate wound healing, Vaselinum Aloe is the ideal Tattoo After Care product.

Vaseline Eucalypti
Finally, we looked at the active ingredients of the eucalyptus tree and used its oil in Vaseline Eucalypti. The essential oil, which is extracted from eucalyptus, is ideal for cooling wounds. It also has excellent healing properties.
The unique fragrance that emanates from this little wonder drug also has a calming effect on the senses.
Anyone who has been in the healing phase of a tattoo knows how good it feels to cool the tattoo and thus suppress the slight itching.
Is not it perfect if you can accelerate the healing process with your After Care at the same time and the tattoo is also pleasantly cooled?

The decision between these different Vaseline varieties is certainly not easy - just try them all and find the ideal companion for the healing phase and care of your tattoo!