Color Palettes

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It is important to us that every tattoo artist feels comfortable at work. And he can only with the right equipment.
Therefore, in our assortment there are not only ink caps but also ink palettes, so that every tattoo artist can decide for himself, which fits better to his tattoo session.

Are you often traveling, or would like to work uncomplicated, then the ink palettes are just the thing for you!
They are easy to stow and can be partially customized by cutting them to the desired size.

These disposable ink palettes are not just absolute leaders when it comes to maintaining order in the workplace, because you have all tattoo inks in one place, they can not tip over! Thanks to the fixed connections, these ink pallets have a secure footing, which is not endangered even with minor vibrations or other eventualities.

The ink cap trays are transparent, which ensures optimal control of the remaining tattoo ink.