Cheyenne Power Unit

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The flexible control units for all Cheyenne machines.

Small, light and digital.
The stitch frequency can easily be changed during the working process. From 60 - 160 stitches / second anything is possible.
Do you want to travel? The power units are not in your way. Super light and practical, they can be stowed away quickly everywhere. The regulator and slider-free front is only equipped with a touch screen. This allows a hygienic and fixed cleaning and easy operation.

In this context, we would like to introduce you to two different power supplies from Cheyenne.

Let's start with the PU II, the older model of PU power supplies from Cheyenne. This power supply combines extreme power with perfect precision. Your tattoo machine is reliably powered.
The PU II power supply is optimally matched to all Cheyenne HAWK Tattoo machines.
The connection can accommodate up to two devices.

The PU IV is the latest tattoo power supply from Cheyenne. This power supply has many new, handy features, such as continuous operation, so no footswitch is needed, or a stopwatch to measure the length of the tattoo session.
Smaller and lighter than the PU II, this power supply is also suitable for all Cheyenne tattoo machines, but especially for the low frequency range of SOL Tattoo machines.

All Cheyenne power supplies are manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality controls and tests.

NOTE: In the most unlikely event that there are any problems with the product, we advise you to contact our Service Partner. The contact details can be found on our page Support Tattoo Machines