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For more than seven years TattooMed has been working on the realization of a series of tattoo care products. Since the founders have a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical field and the implementation of application-specific preparations, this ultimately led to the goal of developing the perfect skin care for tattooed skin.
With much love and passion for tattoos, it was finally possible to create perfect products that keep their promises.

To ensure optimal skin compatibility, only the highest quality ingredients have been used and ingredients with an allergic risk have been omitted.
An additional focus has put TattooMed on the application and wearing comfort. The care products are absorbed quickly and provide optimal moisture and nutrient regulation of the skin, which supports the natural healing process of the skin.

Nature conservation and sustainability is also an important topic of TattooMed: All products were developed and produced on a vegan basis and without animal experiments.

Especially for the healing process of fresh tattoos, we have in our range the After Tattoo care cream from TattooMed. This cream can be used from the first day after tattooing by the customer.
The skin regenerates faster and the active ingredient dexpanthenol (7%) keeps the skin supple and provides it with sufficient moisture.
This tattoo cream is particularly rich and suitable for daily use for perfect results.

For you as a tattoo artist, the Clean & Care Sponge by TattooMed is particularly suitable. Are you saying nothing?
Do not worry, let's just introduce this sponge to you: This is a 100% natural cleansing alternative for freshly tattooed skin. The Clean & Care Sponge removes dirt, blood and plasma from the skin while providing essential minerals. This can be dispensed with soap completely.

In order to protect the freshly tattooed skin in the first few days perfectly from external influences, tattoo film from TattooMed is the perfect choice. This extra thin film adapts to the client like a second skin, prevents infections and promotes the healing process.

Protect your tattoos, or the tattoos that you have created, with great care products!