Da Vinci Cartridges

The Da Vinci Tattoo Cartridges from Bishop Rotary are premium Tattoo Needle modules of outstanding quality and are in high demand internationally. The needle modules are especially appreciated because of the very good color flow, the perfect grip of the needle module, the color control of the liner modules and because of the first-class workmanship.

The Tattoo Needle modules have a protective membrane. This membrane prevents liquids such as blood and paint from entering the handle or the Tattoo Machine. The housing of the needle modules is made of medical plastic and the needles are made of surgical 304 stainless steel. Each Tattoo Needle module is of course sterilized with EO gas and individually packed in blisters. A very reliable quality control system also ensures a continuously excellent bishop quality.

The needles of the Da Vinci needle modules are mounted on a particularly smooth carrier. This means that your customers' skin is less damaged and your tattooed artwork heals better.

Of course the Da Vinci tattoo needle modules are compatible with all common module grips and Tattoo Machines.

The assortment of Da Vinci needle modules includes an extensive selection of Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnums and Soft Edge Magnums in different needle sizes and needle strengths. Thus the Da Vinci needle modules are suitable for all tattoo techniques and tattoo styles. Whether you are looking for needle modules for lining, shading, color packing, dot work or filling - you will always find what you are looking for in the Da Vinci needle modules.