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For a tattoo artist to work properly, he needs the right tools for it.
Here it is particularly important to pay attention to a high quality, to ensure a smooth tattoo session.

In our shop you will find everything that today's tattoo artist needs, from stainless disposable razors, wooden spatulas and surgical scissors to folding paper towels, sterilized water and trash bags.

Sterilized water is the health authority's favorite - it is advisable to always have enough of it in stock. This water is suitable for cleaning Tattoo Needle s and freshly tattooed tattoos.

Our disposable razors have one or two blades - depending on the item - and reliably remove the customer's hair from the body site that is to be tattooed. A touch and irritation of the skin is prevented by the high quality blades.

Wooden spatulas are used in every tattoo session and are used individually by tattooists - you can use them to remove Vaseline or different tattoo creams from the tin, or you can stick your ink caps with petroleum jelly onto the wooden spatula to tip over and waste the tattoo prevent tattoo color.