Ink Cap Holder

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For all tattooists who want it simple and noble, there are our stainless steel ink cap holder, which were made in a variety of variations.
So we want to ensure easy and uncomplicated work in the tattoo studio, which is made possible by the differently mounted openings in the ink cap holders.
Incidentally, you can get organized in the workplace and have more space for other tattoo paraphernalia.

Another not inconsiderable advantage of ink cap holders is that the individual color caps are optimally protected against tipping over.
Waste of vaselinum and tongue depressors is a thing of the past, as you no longer have to glue the ink caps to the tongue depressors with vaselinum, but simply place them in the matching color cap holder.

Their smooth surface makes it easy to clean and reuse the ink cap holders. You save money and do something good for the environment!