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Stefan Fischers Finest - At Bavarian Custom Irons only the best material is used for the Tattoo Machine s. Each Tattoo Machine is made in laborious and individual detail work by hand.
Slight deviations in form and color are therefore normal and promise you a unique piece of art.
Each machine is unique and will be delivered signed! Bavarian Custom Irons guarantee the first owner a lifetime warranty on his Tattoo Machine .
In addition, you get a certificate of authenticity with every machine.

Constant discussions and continuous exchange with tattoo and mechanical engineering colleagues ensure that Bavarian Custom Irons can permanently improve and optimize the high-quality machines.
So with Bavarian Custom Irons machines you buy a product based on a lot of experience and attention to detail!

With us you get the most successful models of the Bavarian tattoo machine manufacturer with special accents in the design that no other supplier has!

Especially we would like to highlight the Dresden Edition. This was designed by "The Inked Army" in matching cartridge design and completed by Stefan Fischer and his team and finally built. They are made of German quality steel and have hand-wound coils. A real blast among the tattoo machines!