Bavarian Custom Irons

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Unusual design meets state-of-the-art technology that was created with passion.

These quality foot controls come from our own production by Bavarian Custom Irons from Germany. All products leaving the workshop of Bavarian Custom Irons were handcrafted and subjected to several quality controls.

Anyone buying a footswitch from Bavarian Custom Irons never needs another one. They are extremely robust and will last for half an eternity if used properly.
The manufacturer guarantees you as a first-time buyer a lifetime warranty on all footswitches.
The foot switches have copper contact points for optimum contact. The complete foot switches are made of stainless full metal. You will not find any plastic in them, which has the background that metal is much more robust, as well as more stable than plastic.

The 2.5m long silicone cable is easily interchangeable with screwed contacts.

The footswitches by Bavarian Custom Irons feature a non-slip foam rubber pad that prevents slippage even during the wildest tattoo sessions. The footswitch stays where you put it!

Made in Germany - high quality workmanship!