For hygienic and clean working, of course, you need the right tattoo grips and tips.

In our comprehensive range, we offer you a wide selection of reusable and disposable handles and tips.

We have different shapes, colors and sizes for you, so that you not only technically but also optically find your perfect and individual combination!

Here, our The Inked Amy BARREL play an important role. Optimal for every disposable user!

The product range of our own brand The Inked Army sets no limits. Whether disposable grips, disposable tips or disposable cartridge grips, here you are guaranteed to find the best equipment for you and your artwork!

The Inked Army BARREL disposable grips are equipped with an ergonomic silicone grip, and they are also flat bevelled in the rear part, so they fit perfectly in the hand pit. Another plus is the weight of the barrel disposable handle pieces, these are relatively heavy, making this a pleasant counterweight to the tattoo machine. A magnificent top seller in our shop.

Our The Inked Army BARREL disposable tips are the best possible complement to metal grips with counter screw. In addition, the tips have a heightened edge, so a too deep slipping into the handle is prevented. The world has not seen that yet!

For even better grip, we also have grip bandages and various tattoo machine grip covers for you in our tattoo supplies. The flexible tattoo grip bandages, but also the grip covers allow better grip without adding weight. Here you can freely choose which color or shape you prefer for your way of working.

Take a look around, you will surely find the right tattoo equipment for you!

If you still have questions about grips and tips, feel free to contact us. We have made it our mission to optimally implement your ideas and wishes.