Transfer Paper

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Whether you own a thermal copier, print your originals, or like to draw on paper, if you do not draw ink on your client's skin, you need the right stencil paper, also known as transfer paper.

In a simplified way, a distinction is made between two broad categories: firstly, the stencil paper that is suitable for the thermal printer and secondly the freehand stencil paper, which is suitable for freehand tattoo artists who like to draw with pen and paper.

It is important to note that Freehand stencil paper is NOT suitable for use with thermal printers. When buying, make sure that you buy the stencil paper that is suitable for your purposes.

In our assortment of stencil paper we offer you different types.
These differ not only in their type of application (thermo-copier or freehand), but also in their color.
Here's how you need to figure out which stencil paper to work with best and most efficiently.

For example, Spirit's Repro FX stencil paper Classic Thermal is the best-known thermocopier stencil paper. It is available in two different sizes and as a roll, which you can cut to your own individual size and thus do not waste paper unnecessarily.
A similar thermal paper is the Repro FX stencil paper Green Thermal with the difference that this is green stencil paper.

The S8 RED stencil paper is also suitable for the thermal copier. Here, the developers have come up with something very special - this stencil paper is the world's first red-colored stencil paper for thermal printers and freehand sketches.

In addition, you can choose between various stencil papers for freehand artists, such as the Repro FX - Stencil paper - Classic Freehand or the Repro FX - Stencil paper Classic Sheet Carbon.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. We are at your disposal for all questions around this topic.