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Radiant Colors

 Radiant is a company specializing in...

Radiant Colors

Radiant is a company specializing in the art of tattooing and its accessories.
After years of working closely with some of the world's most renowned tattoo artists, these experiences have been gathered and analyzed to bring the latest bright tattoo inks to the tattoo market with the latest technology.

Radiant Colors' goal was to develop a sterilized, easy-to-apply, pure and homogenized pigment. This homogeneous mix is ??too long lasting, firm and bright color.

Radiant Colors offers a wide range of colors with a variety of tattoo colors that you can imagine. Various black - gray - white tattoo colors, blue shades, brown colors, different orange tones, different yellow colors, red and pink shades, up to some green tattoo colors are all there.

Convince yourself of the extraordinary luminosity and the large selection of Radiant Tattoo colors!

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