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With the FIRST GENERATION I AM INK presents a bridge between the contradictory.
You believe in limits? We convince you of the opposite! Nothing is impossible!

These tattoo colors combine the technical demands of tattoo artists with the highest pigment and raw material quality.
The FIRST GENERATION is dedicated to the contrasts black and white, without which many things would not be possible in the world of tattoos.

Due to the special choice of pigments, the FIRST GENERATION of I AM INK delivers a black that is almost completely light-absorbent and thus leaves a deep black color impression - without being contaminated with carcinogenic substances such as PAHs or AAs. This black looks darker than the deepest abysses you can imagine.

The white of this series reaches such a high optical density by the crystal structure, that it almost corresponds to the ideal white, without taking excessive contamination by heavy metals into account.

In this series you will also find a black, which was specially developed for Lining. The enormous color intensity in the base formulation of the black tattoo color makes it possible to obtain a pigment-reduced version that reduces the risk of blowouts.

For Fillings, Linings and all around Sumi 1 - 4 are ideal. These shades of gray offer a meaningful and clear portfolio of high-quality shades of gray.

The sophisticated formulation of these tattoo inks already enables us to comply not only with the current ResAP2008_1 but also with the planned, very strict ECHA regulation.

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