After Care

In order for your customers to be completely satisfied, not only does the tattoo studio have to look good, but the cure of the tattoo must be pleasant and as good as possible.


Tattoo care products are ideal for the optimal care and maintenance of the skin before, during and after tattooing and must not be missing in any professional tattoo studio!


In our online shop for tattoo need you will find plenty of products and helpers, which calm the skin after and during a tattoo session, have anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the healing process.

Whether tattoo butter with an exotic smell, such as coconut, papaya, strawberry, simple care sprays and tattoo creams, or sunscreen, which was specially developed for tattooed skin, with us you will find the appropriate protection for your tattoo sessions and customers.


Only with proper care your artworks will keep their freshness for a long time! We offer proven and extensively tested products of popular brands like Ease Grease and many more!

Incidentally, we have a brand new range of Tatprotect tattoo care spray, developed by the famous tattoo artist Randy Engelhard. The best products on the market, you will find only with us!


If you still have questions about the protection before or during a tattoo session or tattoo after care, we are there to help you with words and deeds.