Skin Markers

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Among you tattoo artists, there are certainly many who like to create freehand tattoos.
A tattoo drawn freehand with a skin marker on the customer and optimally adapted to the physical conditions is unique and perfectly tailored to the customer.

In order to ensure perfect and clean drawing on the skin, you need, of course, the matching pen or the matching pens, because what brings you a grandiose drawing that is already gone after a swipe?
Then the work was in vain and you may not get it exactly the way you and your client wanted it to be.

With the skin markers in our assortment you have the choice between different colors and different sized tips.

Do you already know the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens? These skin markers have two different sized tips. A wider lace for lines and a very fine lace, with which even the most delicate details can be perfectly drawn. These skin markers are available in different colors, so you can prepare your drawings optimally and do not get confused by sheer lines. The Tombow skin markers are water-based and of course acid-free and odorless.

In our wide assortment you also get a variety of sterile skin markers that have been produced for one-time use on the customer. All skin markers that you can order from us are washable and non-toxic.
You can not only buy some of our skin markers individually, but also in larger packs of 50 or 100 pieces, which of course gives you a lower price compared to buying a single pen.