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Musotoku Power Supply - The Inked Army Edition

When you want to bring constant and powerful tension into your Tattoo Machines, you're well-served with the Musotoku Power Supply.
With an average flow of 5A and maximum current of 10A, the highest level of work is possible.
We guarantee crisp flow of current without fluctuations!
Only with us you will receive the Musotoku Power Supply in the limited edition The Inked Army Edition with military camo pattern. Thanks to the pattern, this power supply not only moves technically in the upper class, but is also visually an absolute eye-catcher.

Of course, the Musotoku power supply works with any rotary and coil machine.
Cheyenne machines do not require a prewarming cable thanks to the selectable nitro-pulse function.

Due to the high amperage of Musotoku power supplies (5A), the fine-tuning of coil machine is greatly simplified, since small changes in the setting of the Tattoo Machine are immediately verifiable.
In addition, Tattoo Machines are less hot even after long use.

For the Musotoku power supply we also have extra perfect fitting disposable covers, with which you can keep your power supply clean and hygienic clean and still be able to use all functions of the Musotoku power supply optimally.

As a further accessory to your power supply from Musotoku you can find in our shop a magnetic holder or an arm clamp so that your power supply is kept safe while tattooing.