White Vaseline

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Vaseline is used in tattooing to keep the skin supple. Thanks to its high fat content, it also ensures that excess color is easily removed from the skin without rubbing.
Since the skin is already irritated while tattooing anyway, your customer will thank you if you make the cleaning of the skin during the tattoo session as easy and painless as possible.

The white vaseline will probably be present in every good tattoo studio. Your benefits are undisputed.

Here you will find the white Vaseline in two different units. Once as 100g tube and in the 1000ml pot of "The Inked Army" as Vaseline Neutrum. This vaseline is odorless and very skin-friendly.

White Tattoo Vaseline was made for tattooing. With no preservatives and perfume, it is suitable for most skin types and is ideal for clients with sensitive skin. It can be used throughout the tattooing process and meets the requirements of the DAB and is recommended for medical purposes.