Infection Protection

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Optimal protection is important for every professional tattoo artist!
You work with tattoo colors that is difficult, if not impossible, to wash out of clothes with body fluids and blood.
For this reason, we have various options to protect you and your own clothing, thus preventing possible infections and soiling.

In our shop you will once find Tattoo aprons and disposable mouthguard, but also for our eco-friendly tattoo artists we have high-quality tattoo aprons and sleeve guards that can be used again after washing.

For example, The Inked Army tattoo aprons are made of black faux leather, which hardly differs from genuine leather in terms of quality, but can simply be wiped off with disinfectant.

The washable sleeve guards, which are particularly affected by pollution, can even be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

Hygiene does not have to be boring - our disposable mouthguard is also available with different imprints. Not only does it look very original, it will put a smile on your customers face and surely take a piece of their fear!