Bandage material

Our Lock Down Blood Stopper by The Inked Army is our centerpiece in wound care. The new, innovative formula of this miracle agent causes the pores of the skin to close immediately after tattooing, and rebleeding and secretion secretions are stopped immediately.
Tattoo slides are therefore a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, if you swear by tattoo foil bandage, of course we have included it in our assortment for you. Of course our foil dressings are flexible, breathable and waterproof.
The tattoo films contribute to optimal wound healing and protect against infections caused by the ingress of bacteria and foreign bodies.

You can also receive our foil bandage from T2 in a chic, colored box in which the foil bandage is perfectly tidied up and stowed away.

In this category you will also find other bandages that you need for wound care, such as medical tape or gauze compresses.
Thus, you guarantee your customer an optimal healing of his tattoos, which of course benefits you and your reputation again.

Bandaging material in this category also includes our grip bandages, which you can wrap around your Tattoo Machine grip, ensuring optimal grip and maximum hygiene. The grip bandages are self-adhesive.
The Supergrip Bandages by The Inked Army are available in many different colors - individually or in a practical 12-pack.