Exercise objects for trainees

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Everybody starts small and everyone starts sometime, somewhere and somehow.
To make starting your tattoo business as easy as possible, we have put together a wide selection of different silicone objects for you to learn how to tattoo easily and stress-free.

Often the practice of pig skin or bananas is suggested, but pigskin begins to smell and bananas turn brown quickly. (And by the way are not really optimal, to really practice the tattooing)
What is nicer than being on a clean surface, uncomplicated and just learning new things at your own pace? Our silicone objects have the addition that you can pick them up forever. In 20 years you can dig out your old practice objects from a drawer and remember your beginnings. Is not it satisfying to see your own progress? To see how much you have evolved and improved? You will be proud of yourself!

But stop ... Of course, you do not have to dust the exercise objects in a drawer!
You created a great work of art? Then show it to the world and especially your customers!
Some of our silicone skins and silicone objects are great for showing off in your studio, apartment, or wherever you like.

Tattoo our silicone skull with your art and create your own, individual decoration object! This decoration is only yours and it's an absolute eye-catcher!

In our colorful range you will also find a Sphynx cat made of silicone, which you can beautify ... or are you rather the dog person? No problem, our little dog is without tattoo an absolute eye-catcher, so imagine him with your tattoo art! Terrific!

But enough of our extraordinary objects, for starters, we recommend our simple silicone training skins first. These are available in different sizes and designs. Some have Velcro straps that can be attached to the body to perfectly recreate the true curves and realities of the human body, and to prepare you for the future of tattooing.
Where we would be in realistic circumstances: we also have feet, legs, arms and hands made of silicone, where you can practice even more realistic and get better.

Before you think that these tattooable silicone objects are just for absolute beginners, we would like to divert your train of thought a bit. These objects are not only useful for learning to tattoo, but also to try new colors, new techniques and new styles.
In addition, you can create unique decorative elements so that the customers in your tattoo studio can get a first impression of your talent.

What are you waiting for?