Quantum Tattoo Ink was founded in 2011 in North Hollywood, California, originally as a wholesaler of tattoo supplies. As tattoo colors quickly gained popularity and demand steadily increased, Quantum eventually decided to focus solely on producing exceptional tattoo ink.

Quantum always strives to provide tattoo artists in Europe with the best quality ink on the market. No corners are ever cut in the manufacturing process and the ingredients used are the best on the market. The inks are acrylic free, vegan, kosher and animal testing free. The tattoo inks are manufactured with the highest level of sterility and undergo rigorous safety testing. Quantum Tattoo Ink is FDA registered, CTL approved and meets EU standards for tattoo ingredients.

Since inception, Quantum Tattoo Ink has formulated the entire tattoo ink range to be 100% vegan and animal-free. The tattoo ink contains no animal products, and none of the ingredients or finished products are ever tested on animals.

Quantum Tattoo Ink meets all EU quality standards, global health standards, and meets the requirements of the vegan community around the world.