Sterilisation & Ultrasonic Units

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We offer you a selection of different sterilization bags, transparent rolls for autoclaves and hot air sterilization and adhesive tape for hot air sterilization packaging.

Especially for Nyclave welding machines, we have also included spare parts, such as a heating wire, a Teflon cover and a Teflon insulation in our range.

The sterilization tubing welder is manufactured in less than 2 seconds. The device in its workshop is always very nice, because you never know when you need it.

Some sterilization bags also have a self-adhesive closure to make your job as easy as possible.

In this category, we offer you ultrasound machines that will allow you to quickly and thoroughly clean your medical instruments in minutes.

Ultrasound devices from Elmasonic are characterized by their long service life and their outstanding reliability. With these devices nothing can go wrong in your tattoo or piercing studio.

In addition, we have in our assortment of accessories for your ultrasound device. Whether lids in different versions, different use troughs, or the right cleaner, here you will find everything you need!

Look around and find your desired material in terms of sterilization and accessories.