Straight Magnum

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Magnum tattoo needles form two rows at the top, an odd number in the bottom row and an even number in the top row.
Filling and shading is perfect and precise with these tattoo needles.
When tattooing the tattoo needle is held obliquely to the skin.

Professional tattoo artists need professional tattoo needle cartridges!

The high-quality membrane suspension, which is equipped with these tattoo needle cartridges, prevents the color flow back into the cartridge and the tattoo machine - for a smooth and carefree tattoo session.
Thanks to the extremely precise processing and extensive quality checks, the tattoo needle cartridges can be easily changed and will not let you down!
With the tattoo needle cartridges guerilla by The Inked Army, you're up to the challenge and can bring your artwork under your skin efficiently and safely.

Of course, all guerilla needle cartridges are individually sterile packed.