Stigma - Rotary

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We carry different Stigma tattoo machines in our assortment. Stigma manufactures its tattoo machines in Switzerland.

At first, we have the Stigma Rotary Spear for you: a fully adjustable Stigma Rotary Spear in pen form. It is compact and has a very low weight, but is still characterized by its high performance. The suspension and the needle stroke can be adjusted independently, without having to change parts of the machine. The Stigma-Rotary Spear is used with needle cartridges and thanks to the interchangeable module adapters, needle cartridges from all manufacturers and brands can be used.

A similar Tattoo Machine is also the Stigma Rotary Sytlist, whose strength lies in their high quality Swiss engine. By turning, the needle stroke of this machine can be adjusted in a few seconds. The Stigma Rotary Stylist features a notched handle that guarantees comfortable tattooing. It can also be used with all needle cartridge Brands.

Brand new and exclusively available from us: The Stigma Rotary Thorn! This is a pen-style Tattoo Machine that resembles a handle in size and shape. Thanks to its sophisticated design and light weight, it fits perfectly in your hand. Due to its exchangeable module base, the Rotary Thorn can be used with all common needle cartridges.