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The proper positioning of the arms and legs of your tattoo customers are essential for your customers as well as for you as a tattoo artist for a comfortable working during the tattoo session.

Your customers have to endure a long time in a certain position, which is often not very comfortable.  Our armrests help and provide a comfortable tattoo session.


For you, it is important to have good access to the skin to be tattooed, so we have put together a selection of armrests that you can assort to your individual needs.


In our wide product range you can find all types of armrests that you can imagine. Whether you need lightweight armrests for easy transport at tattoo conventions, or rather a sturdy armrest for the studio: we've got them all!

For example, you will find armrests from Bavarian Custom Irons, which will stand stably in your tattoo studio because of their design, but even simple models offer you enough comfort, so that the positioning of the entire arm on the armrests will find space.


As a little extra, our armrests are of course also available in different colors to ensure they fit perfectly into your tattoo studio setup.