LATEX Gloves

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What should not be missing in a good tattoo studio are gloves!
To work cleanly, the LATEX Disposable Gloves are perfect for any tattoo artist and piercer, as they fit snuggly and guarantee fine work. They are impermeable to water and have good resistance.

The examination gloves are available in black or white and in sizes from XS to XL. You can wear them equally on the left and on the right hand.

Our glove box holder is just the thing if you want to create order in your tattoo studio! There you can store your gloves without problems and without chaos. It is attached to the wall with a bracket that is available in black metal, white metal or stainless steel.

If you have a latex allergy, we recommend our nitrile examination gloves. This can be found in the category gloves right next to the LATEX gloves!