Protection Film

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A fresh tattoo is an open wound that is very susceptible to bacteria, lint and dirt.
In order to protect the tattoo optimally and to guarantee a perfect wound healing, you will find in our assortment different foil dressings, which you can stick to your customer immediately after finishing your tattoo work on the tattooed place.
The tattoo films are breathable and very flexible, which does not restrict your customers and can easily stay on the skin for a few days.
During this time, the healing process begins and the tattoo is best protected in the most vulnerable time - the first days after tattooing.

You can choose between roles where you can cut the film to the required size, or you can use already cut films from Tattoo Med, which will take you one step.

Do you already know our blood stopper?
The blood stopper is a so-called tattoo finish.
This liquid is applied directly after tattooing on the skin and closes all pores immediately.
It can no longer leak blood and wound fluid, leaving bacteria, germs and dirt out.
A tattoo film is no longer necessary with our blood stoper!