Ink Caps

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Ink caps are used in every tattoo session, sometimes only a few work for Black and Gray, but the more colorful the tattoo, the more ink caps are needed.

Whether round, angular, large or small, colorful, black or white, single or stapled together; We have them all!
So each tattoo artist can individually choose his tattoo ink caps that fit only to his work character.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks to ensure the ink caps are secure. You can, for example, stick it with Vaseline on a tongue depressor, or use a wide variety of ink cap holders.
However, if that's too much of a hassle for you, we've included in our range, for example, ink caps with extra wide feet of "The Inked Army". These ink caps does not knock anything over easily.

If you know from the start that you want to use many color caps and prevent chaos, we can recommend the Silicone Ink Trays, for example. Here are six color caps made of silicone assembled in one piece. So you can drape six colors clean and neatly next to each other and prevent tipping the color caps.

Also new in the range are the Square Click Ink Caps from "The Inked Army", which can be easily put together. They have a fixed plug connection, so that slippage is impossible. These color caps let you assemble your color caps the way you need them. You liked Lego as a child? Then these Farkappen will certainly inspire you! But do not forget about tattooing! ;-)

For the eco-conscious tattoo artist, we offer paper ink caps. These paper ink caps are made of paper pulp and are therefore not only environmentally friendly, but also waterproof.
But beware: Since these ink caps do not contain any plastic or other substances, it is not recommended to fill tattoo inks with high glycerol or high alcohol content, as the paper ink caps will not withstand this chemical stress. So we guarantee you no 100-percent durability when using tattoo colors of individual manufacturers.