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Disinfection is one of the most important topics in a tattoo and piercing studio.
To ensure that you and your client are always protected against pathogens, it is important that you can fully rely on your disinfectant.
That's why we offer a wide range of high quality disinfectants to keep your tattoo and piercing studio at the highest hygienic standards.

Disinfection is not only of great importance for surfaces, tattoo studio furniture and tools, but also for skin and hands should not be underestimated.

To disinfect your surfaces and tattoo furniture in the studio, we offer you various products. From the classic neutral disinfection to disinfection with a refreshing scent of flowers everything is there.

If you're more of a disinfectant wipes type, you'll also find them with a refreshing fragrance or lemon fragrance. Of course with the right dispenser box to protect it from drying out.

For the disinfection of individual skin areas at the customer, for example to pierce a piercing or a smaller tattoo, you can work with so-called alcohol swabs. These swabs are impregnated with the disinfectant isopropanol and disinfect the skin immediately and reliably.

In our assortment you will also find various skin and hand disinfections in different sizes and with or without spray head.
A special skin disinfectant is Bactine. This is an anesthetic that reduces pain and swelling and stops bleeding.

Also in terms of wound disinfection we are well prepared and can offer you Octenisept. It can be sprayed directly into the wound, disinfecting the wound and preventing infection. This disinfection does not burn.

To ensure a quick and hygienic removal of disinfectant, you can the long sleeve disinfectant dispenser in your tattoo studio attached directly to the wall and have thus your sanitizer at your fingertips.

Click through our huge range of disinfectants and choose the products you need to keep your tattoo or piercing studio hygienically clean.